When evaluating the 2016 presidential race,
ask each candidate these five basic questions:
What is America's proper place in the world?
Do the candidates see a strong U.S. international presence as important to international peace and security? Or do they see American power as the cause of tension and conflict? Obama believes that America should apologize for its past foreign policies.

How does U.S. foreign policy affect domestic policy?
We cannot protect our interests and our allies without a strong economy. We need sustained and stable growth. We cannot effectively protect our interests and our friends abroad without a strong domestic economy, and that economy is not sustainable without a stable, open international trade and investment environment. Ignoring the links between a strong economy and security guarantees failure. A candidate who focuses only on domestic policy is only half a candidate.

What are the primary threats and opportunities America faces abroad?
President Obama's weakness encourages our enemies. We face threats from aggressive Russian and Chinese behavior, weapons of mass destruction and international terrorism. Candidates need to do more than answer questions with memorized talking points. They need the intellect and character to detect, analyze, and respond to threats and opportunities.

How should America respond to those threats and opportunities?
Blaming Obama's failures isn't enough. We must restore the confidence of our allies while showing we are ready to protect our interests. How do the presidential candidates propose to do this? Unclear answers are not enough. For example, do the candidates understand the urgent need to restore our national missile defense system? After the Iran deal and years of ignoring North Korea's nuclear threat, we are not prepared.

What resources are required for our national defense?
As Ronald Reagan understood, America needs the resources to match its strategic priorities. Obama catastrophically slashed military and intelligence spending, gravely limiting our defense capabilities. America needs urgent increases in military and intelligence spending. Talk is not enough.

When evaluating the 2016 presidential race, what questions would you like to see each candidate answer before becoming Commander-in-chief?

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